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If I leave a Fluther page open and my computer goes to sleep, will I still be counted as an "observing member"?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) August 31st, 2008

Part two of this question… If I have multiple tabs open, but only view one window at a time, my observation is counted in both, right? They both auto-update.

Plus, why do the sidebar functions (“Questions for You”, etc) not update without refreshing the page?

I’m sure these questions have been asked before. I don’t know how to search this thing properly, though.

Last part of the question: Should I have broken this into multiple questions?

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how can observe if your monitor is asleep?

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Hi shading21—let me see if I can answer all you questions:

Regarding you computer going to “sleep,” it depends. When most computers go to sleep they go into a mode where most network traffic stop and things are temporarily frozen, meaning you would not be counted as an “observing member.” Some computers may go to a sleep mode where things are still running in the background, but this is not the normal case.

2. Multiple tabs: Yes, you’re observing in both. If it auto-updates, then you’re being counted.

3. I think it was fine to combine these questions, because there were so interrelated. :)

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