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What is your idea of "hanging out" with friends?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 31st, 2008

Sitting around watching movies? Night at a restaurant? Watching the game at a bar? Or is it something more unconventional…?

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movies, frisbee, smoking, climbing on the roof of the school and similar things, eating, making music, listening to music, exploding things, painting and other artistic endeavors, sleeping in the sun, driving, department stores, trips into the city, trips to the beach, trips to the woods.

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Nothing unconventional. I like just kicking it at home with a couple of friends. TV, movies, unhealthy snacks, taking a walk, drinking, listening to music, etc… I’ve found that trivia games are always fun. =D

The only unconventional thing we do is dance. By which I mean… we choreograph dances together. But that’s because most of my friends are trained dancers.

oh, and coffee is always good!

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Me and my homies hangout and drink beers then we go skateboard somewhere once we got enough “Balance Juice” in us.

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Here’s my favorite way to hang out: Go with friends to get tattooed, go to nice restuarant, cigar shop, pool hall. In that order. I only have two tats, for now, so it’s not something I do all the time. But everything else, on a regular basis, yeah.

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When I am with my really good friends, even what seems like the most boring/dull thing is still fun!

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Sitting around my kitchen table, drinking beer, playing cards, talking, laughing.

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sitting around at school just talking, walking around the city, chillin’ like a cucumber, etc…

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Smoking some good stuff, and then going to a great restaurant.
Or going for a day trip to the beach, or hiking, and then going to a great restaurant.

Food is often involved. My group of friends and I have been referred to as foodies—whatever that is.

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@zack – What does “chillin’ like a cucumber” entail, exactly?

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When I hang out with my friends we just go with the flow and do pretty much whatever we want. If we made plans to do something – like go to a movie, or shopping, or a party – then we do that. I can call my friends and be like “I’m coming over. We’re going to kick it tonight.” and vice versa. We’ve climbed buildings, gone swimming (.. and skinny dipping..) at night, walked around the UC campus, driven into a field and sat in the bed of the truck.. pretty much whatever we feel like doing.
No matter what we do, we always seem to be constantly laughing. =]

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If it’s with my roommates: Drinking.

With my actor friend Jeff: Drinking and usually smoking.

With my friend Shannon: Drinking and then breakfast the next morning at our favorite greasy spoon. Occasionally, it means a play or Broadway.

With my best friend Lauren: Dinner and a movie. Around Halloween, we make the rounds to the haunted houses in the tri-state area and get together to watch the Halloween series.

With my boyfriend’s friends: Dinner, a drink or two, hanging out and talking, video games, pool in the summer, etc.

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Call me crazy, desperate, lonely, eccentric…....

But don’t call me late for dinner…..‘cause I’ll be right here ‘talking’ to all of my friends!

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chillin’ like a cucumber means being lazy.

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Drink, talk, tell jokes, laugh, grab a bite to eat, work out, watch a flick. Anything relaxing and fun.

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I just returned home from the most wonderful dinner with three people who are perhaps my dearest friends….my sons!
Due to current ‘situation’, and not negating the fact that the older two are essentially independent, it’s difficult to sit the four of us down together for any length of time.

They’re incredible. I’ve raised some pretty special people! They will contribute greatly to this world someday…...I just know it!

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@mee ouch – Awesome. I hope I get to experience the same thing.

@mtl_zack – I just saw Pineapple Express, and they used the phrase “chillin’ like a cucumber” (or something similar). And I thought of you. And I thought of how strange it is that I had never heard that phrase before and now it’s popping up everywhere.

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I love Pineapple Express.

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dinner, lots of chatting, a movie, just getting together to go to a club or w/e.
Anything informal.

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chillen, talkin about the old days, going out to eat, having some good laughs

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