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Is there a name for the mountain range in Norway and Sweden?

Asked by Yellowdog (9962points) 1 week ago

Every mountain range in the world I know of has at least one name. Sometimes regions and regional names overlap.

Also, most mountain ranges are known for their distinctive cultures, such as Scottish Highlanders in the Caldonian region.

The only name I have heard identifying the mountains of Norway and Sweden is ‘The Scandies’—which sounds more of an afterthought or nickname.

Is there any actual name for these mountains?

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The Scandinavian Mountains. Other lesser-known names for this region are Cap of The North and Sápmi, which in English was called Lapland.

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“Is there any actual name for these mountains?”

Yup. The Scandinavian Mountains.

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Swiss Alps. Edit. Wrong country. Sorry.

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Another name for them is the Scandes, which sounds like they’re Andean foothills.

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