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In light of Diane Keaton's new book about her mentally ill brother, do you view Annie Hall differently?

Asked by filmfann (49157points) February 23rd, 2020

You’ll recall in the movie she had a psychotic brother, played by Christopher Walken.

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I haven’t seen Annie Hall in a million years. Tell me about her brother, and I’ll rewatch the movie.

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I liked her early stuff with Woody Allen. But she has been a nonentity to me for 20 years. So her feeling remorse now for being a shit all her life doesn’t really move me one way or another.

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I never watched the movie. I could never stand that whiny pipsqueak Woody. He gave me the creeps before his personal relationships exploded in the press.
I’m not big on caring about the personal lives of celebrities.

There are lots of disabled people in the world who have family members who don’t care about them.

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I can’t imagine anything I might read in any book that might change my perspective on the movie. Even back when the movie was playing in theaters I didn’t much care for it. To this day, I still don’t get it. 2 neurotics with too much time on their hands. So what?

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