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Can you recommend a pain-relieving pro massage device?

Asked by Jeruba (55887points) March 27th, 2020

I need something that will relieve muscle spasms causing back pain. There is such a thing, but I don’t have knowledge of a type, brand, or other description. I no longer have access to the one that was used on me. It looked a little bit like an electric vibrating meat tenderizer.

With a little too much exertion, I get intense spasms in the thoracic area that last, typically, for 7 hours. Muscle-relaxant meds do almost nothing, and conventional pain relievers have no effect at all. Ice helps a little; heat makes it worse. An application of a pro-level device can put an end to the spasms in ten minutes.

If you know what I’m talking about, please give me your advice. Thank you.

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[Too late to edit the question.]

It doesn’t have to be professional. I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I just know the thing that was used on me once was pretty heavy duty and not a toy (or “personal”), and it was the first time I’d ever had quick relief from a bout with this condition.

I used to get the spasms from something like three hours of packing the car for a trip to a housekeeping cottage and then packing in on arrival. Now I can get them from 15 minutes of chopping vegetables. They’re pretty awful.

If there are any warnings or cautions I ought to bear in mind, please tell me.

Normally I wouldn’t try to get medical advice this way or encourage others to do it; but this is not a normal time. I don’t want to go anywhere near a doctor’s office if I can help it.

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I have a big massager with two heads that looks a bit like ET. You hold it in you hand and can reach your back. It’s pretty good. It’s by Homedics and labeled Professional Percussion Massager with Heat. Works pretty well.

The other thing I’ve used for general back aches at my son’s is a massager from Brookstone’s that fits over an office chair. That has rollers that go up and down your back and different settings. He got that from Brookstone’s.

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As soon as I can get back to the chiropractor, I will ask what he uses on me.
Unlike janbb’s, it only has one head but it is powerful.
Stretching helps me out a bit too.

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Also, I don’t get spasms but I have a rolled heating pad that can be heated in the microwave that i Put in the small of my back when I am sitting and it is aching.

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Thanks for all suggestions. Back pain is just pain. Not to trivialize it at all—I’ve had lumbar pain for years, and my husband lives with chronic pain from compression fractures of several vertebrae that broke following radiation. Pain meds help him.

The thoracic muscle spasms are something else, pretty brutal. Last night they went on until about 4 in the morning, a 6-hour duration. No such thing as a comfortable position, no possibility of rest. I feel exhausted today.

In my experience, heat makes it worse.


Hmm, side link brought up this:
Yup, that was when it started, all right.

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When my back is bothering me the best thing that works for me is a heating pad. I have a really good one where you have to hold your hand on the switch to keep it heating. It gets pretty hot. The next best thing is a nice Epsom bath soak. Nothing releases spasms or aches for me like a good Epsom salt bath. The only thing is I don’t often have the patience for a long soak. But when I’m really hurting that does the trick. I have a massage chair and a small back massager that I bought in Japan. But I find they work best if I start using it right away before I get really sore. Like right after a workout or lifting a few heavy things.

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