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What companies will hire someone with a 2yr old Terroristic Threats charge on their record?

Asked by ericmorris25 (92points) 1 month ago

I have a 3rd degree misdemeanor on my background. Who will hire someone who made some mistakes and is trying to rebuild? I start school on Wednesday and need to start saving so I can fix my credit because I will complete my bachelors in January of 2023.

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Probably very few, to be honest. Not until you’ve got at least a few clean years behind and a good work and/or school record. Until then probably the best you’re going to get is a fast food or gas station job.

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Look for small businesses. Sometimes they are willing to be more flexible on that kind of thing than a large company with rigid HR policies.

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A third degree misdemeanor is not all that serious.

You probably went to jail and were charged with a misdemeanor in court and paid a fine maybe, At age 20, I was charged with a third degree misdemeanor for photographing an old historic school building, on school grounds without going to the office first, It was criminal trespass. Never showed up anywhere,

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You arent required to disclose anything under a felony.

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I’d look for a small, locally owned business (oil company, something like that).

@KNOWITALL: Some employers ask “have you ever been arrested?” and they ask for the details and outcome. I work in local government and the job application and civil service exam application ask in this way.

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Your crime was a 3rd degree felony, not misdemeanor.

People might call that a Freudian Slip, a sign of denial.

Anyway, you may have a problem.

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And I meant a ‘Class C’ misdemeanor. They say it isn’t serious, and I’ve never been asked if I had been arrested. But if any potential employer asks, technically, yes.

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@jca2 I dont think I’ve ever been asked that, interesting. It doesnt exclude you fron public office so seems odd.

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You can’t change the past, but you can start building your reputation back up by volunteering somewhere. Anything from working in a homeless shelter, or a food pantry to habitat for humanity would work. It’ll be pretty hard to do that during the lockdown, but sooner or later you will have a chance.

Keep us posted.

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