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Why are there so few cries of foul over government intervention in this pandemic?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) April 1st, 2020 from iPhone

Why is blatant socialism so acceptable NOW? Won’t the market take care of it?

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Not just the redistribution of wealth.. Think of what is going to happen to the national debt and our children. It is almost like a certain political party is a hypocrisy machine.

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It’s rather amazing the effect fear can have on ideology.

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Our fright wing fans are probably fine with it because they suspect most of the government help will go to the top 1% and the people that really need the help will get screwed like normal.

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It is so badly handled, people can’t even figure it out.

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Because now it is happening to them.

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There are some cries among certain people who I respect, like Nassim Taleb ( I do agree to some degree that bailouts hurt people who lived prudently and prepared for a black swan event such as this one. On the other hand, there is the perspective that the “invisible hand“ can’t work if it’s sick or quarantined. I’m currently in the process of attempting to reconcile these ideas.

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@johnpowell Isn’t the national debt a perfect example of the redistribution of wealth? Isn’t it interesting that we are always confronted with the national debt, yet the concept of a national profit…? The debt is socialized—it belongs to all of us, but the profits?

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If a crook puts a gun to your heard then you will agree to anything.

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For some reason, “the free market” requires banks and corporations to be bailed out by the government every ten years or so. It’s pretty ironic.

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If one loses faith in everything the government does now that all hell is breaking loose, then one has no hope left at all. And people need something to believe in.

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@stanleybmanly There is the Government Pension Fund of Norway. Instead of letting the free market extract all the natural resources to hoard for the few. The government hoarded instead since it was obvious that eventually the oil would run out, or become to expensive to extract.

Now they have a fuckload of cash. The money shot..

“As of June 2011, it was the largest pension fund in the world, but it is not a pension fund in the conventional sense, as it derives its financial backing from oil profits, not pension contributions.[9] In September 2017, the fund exceeded US$1 trillion in value for the first time, a thirteen-fold increase since 2002. With a population of 5.2 million people, the fund was worth $192,307 per Norwegian citizen.”

Nobody has to file for bankruptcy if they get cancer in Norway.

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