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What is your opinion on Tiger Tiger ice cream?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16784points) 1 month ago

Tiger Tiger ice cream is orange ice cream packed with black licorice.

I have seen a child cry who’s mother forces then to eat it. The child had a tiger phase and was suckered by the name of the ice cream.

Do you have any stories about ice cream or product that you experienced or know of that should be a treat but wasn’t?

Humor welcome.
Asked before in 2014

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Never heard of it. Just googled it. I see it’s only found in Canada.

This is what I learned from Wiki: Tiger tail ice cream (also called tiger tiger, or simply tiger flavour) is a Canadian orange-flavoured ice cream with black licorice swirl. It is named for its resemblance to orange and black tiger stripes. Tiger tail is most popular in parts of Canada and not often found elsewhere. Created by Morgan Carr,[1] it is a distinctly flavoured ice cream.[2] Tiger tail is popular with children.[3] This flavour of ice cream is offered by such companies as Kawartha Dairy Company[4] and Baskin-Robbins.[1] Tiger tail is considered a retro ice cream flavour and it has seen a nostalgia-related resurgence in recent years.[5]

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It sounds delicious! Wish I could get some here in California!

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I might have been fooled by the name as well and cried after I tasted it.
The color of Superman ice cream should’ve been a warning to me, much like the brightly colored sea slug is a warning to predators not to eat it.

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I looove black licorice. I’d eat it in a heartbeat but that won’t be happening in this life. Sigh*

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Never heard of it but it sounds disgusting.

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Although I love oranges, I’m not fond of orange flavored ice cream and I really don’t like the taste of licorice so I probably would hate it

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@SEKA- So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

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I’ve never heard of it til now, but it sounds interesting to try, and I love black licorice.

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@lucillelucillelucille Ten million comedians out of work & you’re trying to make a joke!!! ;}

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