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What television shows do you only watch part of?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16789points) 1 month ago

I watch the first skit of SNL (Saturday Night Live).

The bonus round at the end of Wheel of Fortune .

Also final Jeopardy.

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News shows in the morning and late at night. I don’t really pay full attention even if the entire show is left to play.

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Ohh also the Last bit of Family Fued.

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I watch Colbert, but I skip through some interviews, and most musical guests.

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Thought of another. Dancing with the Stars. It’s a two hour show, and I watch it in about an hour. I fast forward through a lot of the talking they do.

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News and Fallon. I lose interest after the thank you notes most nights.

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I change channels when they run any commercial. I usually don’t come back to that program.

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