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What would you think if someone always sends different photos of their house?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) April 20th, 2020

I know a guy who only sends photos of different parts of his house. He has shown his bathroom , deck , studio and living room with a high ceiling. Even without asking for the photo he randomly sends it.

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Is there an explanation with the picture? Is he showing you work he has done to those areas? If not, I would find it odd.

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I’d think that they want a comment of some sort.

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Trying to sell the house?

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No he had just purchased the house 4 yrs ago. He is not doing any work the house is fairly new. He is not selling it. He is not in any of the photos. The thing is we already seen his house from google so he doesn’t know we already have an idea what it looks like.

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He likes it! He really likes it!

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That’s good if that is his way of showing me his house why don’t he just say it then. He never even comes out and say it he just start shooting out photos.

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Maybe he likes his house and wants you to compliment it but doesn’t want to seem boastful.
Simply tell him that it’s the most beautiful home you’ve ever seen and that your envy knows no bounds.
Then ask if you can move in.

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Yes , I do believe that is why he is doing it because he likes and proud of his house.

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they want compliments, they’re bored, and they see you as a friend

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Maybe he likes you but wants to give you room :D

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He’s a very old friend. He could just tell me or ask me how I like his house right? :D I’m just saying.

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Send him a picture of your house and see what response he gives?
Not a good idea for him to show details of each room ..someone online might case his place to rob?

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That is a good idea me sending him same type of photos. Although he is not posting it on social media just texting and messaging me the photos. It’s funny because I heard my messenger go off and I joked and said what if it’s a photo of his house and it was. Too funny.

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