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For those convinced that Trump has gotta go, who in the political field is so abhorrent that you might change your mind?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) May 1st, 2020 from iPhone

Which viable candidate might possibly be worse?

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^ I agree!!!

IF I’m honest with myself, given a do-over, I’d even vote for Hillary.

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I dunno, has Hitler rose from the grave and joined American politics?

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If a stale, half eaten hotdog with american cheese and white bread were on the ticket it would get my vote over what we have running now.

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N O B O D Y !

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Mitch McConnell possibly but that’s almost a dead heat.

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From an outsider looking in Mitch McConnell , Pence, Grahm, Barr.

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^ Agreed. However, the “advantage” of Trump is that he’s obviously atrocious and represents the corporate/conservative agenda he serves in a way that shows how clearly terrible it is… well, plus all the outright-idiocy noise. Those others might be smarter about it. It’s a choice between flavors horror and terribleness.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I thought for sure that we would have better options after what happened in 2016, but boy, America, you sure proved me wrong. We absolutely deserve whatever president we get.

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During Bush II’s administration, I said aloud that at least it couldn’t get any worse. When Trump won, I promised myself never to say that again, no matter what. We’ve learned that there’s no limit—our vocabulary of astonishment and outrage ran out more than three years ago—so yes, it can get worse.

However, I can’t really imagine it.

• I would vote for the dithery old guy named Jerry who’s following his father’s career path as a checker at my local grocery store.
• I would vote for the homeless woman named Veronica who sometimes wanders by and rings our doorbell.
• I would vote for the druggie whose name I don’t know and who occasionally plays his guitar outside CVS for the dollars tossed in his case.

I think all of them would be wise enough to listen to advice and human enough to care about other people. None of them would view us as commodities that exist to enrich them or as game tokens to be moved about in competitive play. None of them would think the governors, Congress members, and citizens were subordinate members of a corporation that they owned and ran. None of them would shrug off our deaths if it suited their bottom line.

Jerry, Veronica, and the nameless druggie would preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America in a way that no one in the Executive Branch has done lately.

So help me God.

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@Jeruba Preach it, Sister!

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Amen! Let it shine!

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@Jeruba Jerry, Veronica, and the nameless druggie you disparage in your effort to say Trump is worse, yeah, they are all Democrats. So why would anyone expect you to vote for a constitutional conservative independent or republican?

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Disparage? Can you read?

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Trump is a “constitutional conservative” the way I am rationally neutral in my assessment of him. Trump, much like yourself, couldn’t tell you the difference between a constitutional conservative and a bag of fertilizer.

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@Yellowdog why would you assume that @Jeruba‘s picks were democrats?
Is it because she said is it because she said they would be wise enough to listen, and human enough to care?
Or that they would protect and defend your countries constitution that no one in the executive branch has done lately so that makes them democrats?

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I have worked for stupid and I have worked for evil. Stupid did more lasting damage, but was easier to manipulate to do the right thing.
Trump is stupid, but also self serving.
Is there anyone I would vote against if Trump was his competition? Maybe Ted Cruz. Maybe Moscow Mitch.

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Ted Nugent or Don Jr.

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