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Why is non-copyright music not credited by YouTubers?

Asked by yaujj48 (70points) 3 days ago

Since YouTube early age till now, many YouTubers uses non copyright music for their videos. That’s fine but I don’t understand why many of these YouTubers didn’t credit the music for people who want to hear again. Of course there are some YouTubers did credit but many also didn’t credit. So why these people never credit the music? I can guess laziness but isn’t the song good that it deserved to be spread?

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If you pay a lot of money to use non copyrighted music for your video then that’s good enough. Let someone else promote the music.

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@gondwanalon Presumably if it’s not copyrighted the users aren’t paying anything to use it.

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If you ask, most channel owners will willingly give you the name and artist. Some list it in the show notes. Youtube has a non copyright section where you can go to do your own research if you’re really interested. They also have an app where you can copy the mp3’s from the video so you’ll have it to listen to even though you don’t know the title nor artist. One channel I frequent, a friend of hers strums his guitar to what it is he’s seeing and it’s not recorded anywhere but on that video. So, once finished. it’s never to be used again. That way every video is unique in its own special way

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Except on this site, where it’s required, I’ve noticed that a lot of people in cyberspace can barely write. I’m guessing that’s why they don’t give credit, because they can’t.

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To Seka:
Sometimes I ask in the comments and many didn’t reply. I mean some did and I check comments that asked the same question for answer. However, I did not get my answer and many gave a poor joke of ‘Daruade – Sandstorm’.

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