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Does anyone listen to World Music here?

Asked by _Liliya_ (287points) January 4th, 2010

I love World music and I’m looking to add more of that genre on to my phone. However I’m stumped as to what I should put on it. I had a list with a bunch of artists and songs on it, but I lost it.
So now I am wondering what I should put on it.
I like a wide variety of artists from Björk to Youssou N’Dour and I’m open to just about anything. So what do all think?

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If you Google the Putumayo series called “A Rough Guide To…” you can find artist names so that you can find whole compilations. It’s a very useful start.

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@pdworkin Thank you so much. This is will be very useful for me. :)

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@pdworkin You beat me to it. The Putumayo series is by far my favourite for World Beat Music.

NPR Music’s World section is a close 2nd for me. You can stream a lot of great music from that one. Here’s the link:

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I like listening to music from all over the world, but especially Cuban stuff.
I tune in to Radio Box or Clock Radio apps where you can choose what type of music you fancy, and Radio Box also allows you to choose the country.
I know you cant choose artists this way, but I find it fun.
Hope you find what suits you through answers here :-)

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Well, I listen to Ghanan highlife/hiplife music, if that counts…

Christiana Love and Ofori Amponsah.

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Ruben Gonzalez, Ibrahim Ferrer and anything by the Buena Vista Social Club :)

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I almost forgot, from Ivory Coast, the talented Tiken Jah Fakoly!!! Check out the tune, “Non à l’excision.”

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On my iphone at the moment…

Dead Can Dance
Deep Forest
Transglobal Underground
Jens Gad
Azam Ali
Conjure One
Lisa Gerrard
Not sure if the following count as as world music but they are worth a listen.

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I love all the Putumayo CDs (esp. “Zydeco”). Some current world favorites are the Gipsy Kings (Spain), Milladoiro (Celtic Spain), De Danann (Ireland), Flaco Jimenez (Mexico), Inca Son (Peru), Zap Mama (all over), Manu Chao (eclectic mix).

Are you familiar with It’s great to find new music, just punch in a song or artist you like and it’ll play similar songs.

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Seconding Manu Chao!!

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Some. Sitar/tabla ragas, Stavanger fiddles. Elclectic but fussily choosey.

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@fireinthepriory Seconding Manu Chao!!

Oh yeah, Manu Chao, I just bought a CD of his last month.

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The term world music always confused me. You would thing it would include all terrestrial music, but it seems to only include exotic folk music. If my understanding is correct the current term is a misnomer.

Regardless of if this fits in the traditional genre I’d suggest Kaizers Orchestra or Movits! These may already be well known to Europeans. The Kaizers are from Norway and Movits! from Sweden. I hold that since both bands are of this world they ought to be included in the “world music” genre.

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I’m a huge fan of Sigur Rós (from Iceland). You should definitely check them out.

My dad is a world music professor specializing in West African music, and a lot of the stuff he listens to can be found at Afropop. African music (especially highlife) is so vibrant and full of life. It just sounds happy :)

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@adinaa I used to love the Afropop radio show, it’s not on in my area anymore, Thanks for linking that, I just subscribed to the podcast.

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Love it when these discussions come up; may I add to the list:

Ali Farka Toure
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Ravi Shankar
Bebel Gilberto
Gotan Project
Cesara Evora
Da Lata
Zap Mama
Los Amigos Invisibles
Les Nubians
Pink Martini (they’re from the U.S. but play a variety of stuff)
Sigur Ros (of course!)

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Tabou Combo Superstars

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LOVE JPOP. The japanese really know how to pump out cutsy music

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It’s all world music

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I love Celtic Thunder, just their first cd, it has some good songs it combines a full orchestra with guitars, drums, a woodwind ensamble, and traditional celtic instruments like the bag pipe. but surprisingly it sound good. It’s a spin on some american songs but are mostly old songs sung in ireland that have been changed a bit.

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I listen to quite a bit of Peter Gabriel (ex-Genesis) and much of his music is either heavily influenced by or incorporates various types of world music. Peter Gabriel was a co-founder of WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) and the WOMAD Festival which supports world music and artists.

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Klesmer and Cajun Zaydeco; do they count in this category? Definitely thr French-Canadian chasons. The songs of Edith Piaf are heart-rending (Je ne Regrets).

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I agree with the folks who listed Sigur Ros as a great World Music band. If/when you get a chance, check out their documentary and double DVD, Heima: A Film by Sigur Ros,, which highlights their 2006 Summer tour across their homeland, Iceland. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

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This is a better link for helene segara

She is an amazing vocalist.

Theresa Tengs songs are identifiable from anyone in China.

All of the above are extremely famous singers in their countries, although some are lukewarm about the male vocalists – I can tell you, what they are all doing is amazing IMHO. I don’t know if they are considered “World” – the same as traditional classic music from various regions, but they are modern, and recent past Pop stars.

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Yeah, i think some Olympic songs are world song. I love to listen them, and here are two of the names: The Flame, You and Me

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Jeez since this post I’ve been doing nothing but listening to french vocalists non stop while working.

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@DrMC – I hope you haven’t neglected the first lady.

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I LOVE Youssou N’Dour!

Try The Idan Raichel Project, they are amazing!

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@emergence i love Idan Raichel. I saw him when my JCC got him to come down and preform. Boi is one of my favorite songs of all time. I highly recommend him.

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I love King Sunny Ade from Nigeria
so many talking drums!!!!
Saw him in Cincy in the 80s

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I second King Sunny Ade and his African Beats! I saw him on the pier, west side of Manhattan years ago.
I would add Solas (celtic) Oi-Va-Voi (klezmer-trance-gypsy fusion) Angelique Kidjo, Beirut, Di Grine Kuzine, Devotchka, Darko Rundek and Cargo Orkester, and Paris Combo (french swing, but with a twist, the drummer is African)
I agree that all music is world music, of course! What gets categorized as world is a lot of fusion music and music where the singing is in a foreign language. Strangely, there are people who can’t appreciate a song if it’s not in their own language. As for me, if I love a song and don’t understand the words I will look up the lyrics translation online. But a lot of times I don’t really care what the words mean….....sometimes I don’t even want to know for fear the words will not be to my liking and will ruin the song for me!

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