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How would you feel about being judged, by your worst moments?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16426points) 2 days ago

The moments, or situations, when you know that you were wrong.

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Better than having impossible expectations from the best of me.

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As long as it compares with the best moments too.

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It depends upon who is conducting the judging.

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I hate when that happens but then show me someone who hasn’t made a mistake and I will show the boring SOB how to make some. :D

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Meh. I don’t really care. Judge me by the fact I cheated on people in my youth, or shoplifted, or did a lot of drugs, that’s fine. Some people absolutely deserve to be judged on their worst moments. Mistakes and complete moral failings are not in anyway equivalent.

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I certainly think “your worst moments” should be factored in to how you are judged. They are a part of who you are, especially if you haven’t made amends and had them accepted. It would be nice if those you hurt came to accept them as not the total picture but the assessment is up to them.

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Case in point: Senator Robert Byrd of WV. He was the longest serving senator in the history of the US. In the 40’s he was a member of the KKK. So his worst moment wasn’t judged as harshly as it probably should have been.
I’ve read different articles on how long he was actually a member, but none disputed the fact that he was a member.
Yet he had a very long political life.

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Personally, I would feel bad but not devastated. My worst moments have been petty, human, and normal.
Context is everything. It is appropriate to judge Jeffrey Dahmer by his worst moments, probably not so much to judge my friend’s aunt by hers, as she has spent her life starting up community projects for feeding and housing the homeless In urban third world areas. I imagine her worst moments are about losing patience with authority figures and being rude.

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I’d feel like I was in a position of leadership (any position, low or high, civilian or military, governmental or not). That’s how it always goes. Sometimes the price you pay is extreme.

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I am not the worst thing I ever did.

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I don’t need a worst moment for some to judge me. They do it anyway.

Let them judge. I’m so over it.

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The pond, has not disappointed me.
I guess I thought about the statues, being brought down currently, when I asked this question.

I definitely agree, that people who supported slavery, should not be glorified. But. Where is the line drawn?

For example, George Washington, had many slaves.
Should we destroy the Washington monument?

Is there a country that exists, that would not be, if not for it’s leader’s, doing something wrong?

When I think about my own life, I find plenty of things, I wish I hadn’t done.

However, I know that I have done many good things too.

When I was in my early 20’s, I responded to a domestic violence case.
I kicked in a door, and found a naked woman, lying in a pool of her own blood.
Her husband, had beaten her, almost to death.
I wasn’t very nice to him….

My back up officers, took him down the road, and maced him, and beat him. I put a blanket over her, and held her, until EMS arrived…
I could have just killed the man, I was so upset…
Just seeing her, so hurt, made me SO mad…

I was, that night, unprofessional.
I did not have the ability, to control myself. And, as I said, my backup, hurt him worse…

I don’t deserve a statue. But. If I did have one, it should be removed…

I really just remember, holding her, and telling her, it would be OK.
It made me cry.
For the life of me, I couldn’t justify, her injuries. ..

If I were to have to be judged by that moment, I couldn’t…

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Great answer @MrGrimm888 Thank you

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^I didn’t really hurt the man. I just just swept his leg, and cuffed him.
I didn’t ask the other officers, to do what I heard happened.
One of them told about it, several days later. I wouldn’t have let them take him, if I thought that they would do something like that. Apparently, they were just as mad, at the woman’s condition. I would have taken the guy in, but the woman wanted me to stay with her.

I didn’t witness whatever the other officers did, or I would have filed a complaint. I was young, and stupid. But. I still feel responsible for whatever happened to the man…

I think I saved the woman’s life. The guy was still beating her, when I kicked the door in. But. The man’s rights, were violated. If what I was told, was true…

I’m just pointing out that there is a duality, to human kind…

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