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Do you enjoy listening to sad and vulnerable music?

Asked by rockfan (11204points) 2 days ago from iPhone

Especially music that has confessional and deeply personal lyrics?

I love upbeat and happy music, but the cathartic feelings that sad music gives me, makes me feel better.

This is my favorite sad song at the moment:

Funeral – Phoebe Bridgers

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Depending on the day and time of day, yes.

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I am usually not in a depressed state of mind and what I listen to reflects that for the most part.
I do have some downers on my playlist though.Some of them piss me off. XD

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I love sad/dark/depressing songs. One of my favorite bands is The Smiths. I listen when I’m in any kind of mood. I guess there is just that part of me that always has access to that side of myself.

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Yes I absolutely do. I had a crying fest this morning as a matter of fact. I am feeling so very vulnerable right now. Lots of sad things going on in my life and I miss seeing my family, so
This Song means a lot to me right now.

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Easily half of my iPod playlist are sad songs.

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@rockfan That song is beautiful! But I don’t “enjoy” listening to it. It’s too painful.

I prefer mindless, upbeat, songs when I want a music lift.
For example: Wipeout by the Safari is guaranteed to get me up and moving.

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Absolutely. I named one of my playlists “Sadness Being Sad”.

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Yes, love it too much. I have to regulate when I listen to that kind of stuff because it will put me in a certain place emotionally that doesn’t allow for me to be a productive member of society until the mood wears off and I get back to “normal.”

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There is a song called “Giving Up” by Donny Hathaway that will make you sob if you listen to it in the middle of a breakup. It’s gut wrenching. And also achingly cathartic.

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What is “vulnerable music”?

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Music that confesses personal things and feelings from the singer. Hence, “vulnerable”

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Sometimes, such songs, can help you heal. If nothing else, they make me feel like I’m not alone, in suffering.

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