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What happens when the human brain is full?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17148points) 1 month ago

I read somewhere recently that the human brain can store the equvilant of 100TB of information.

What happenes when someone reaches that limit?

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You start forgetting where you left you glasses, keys and cellphone. I’m not being funny! D

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Is it possible for your brain to be full?
In other words, can the brain be “full”? The answer is a resounding no, because, well, brains are more sophisticated than that. A study published in Nature Neuroscience earlier this year shows that instead of just crowding in, old information is sometimes pushed out of the brain for new memories to form.Jun 2, 2015

Can Your Brain Really Be “Full”? – Scientific › article › can-your-brain-really-be-full

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It seems to me that there are two aspects to memory – storing it and being able to access it. In many cases, adding additional information to our brains helps to access a memory more quickly.

For example, we can add a mnemonic device. I learned this trick for recalling the names of the Great Lakes: around the lakes there are a lot of homes and the first letter of each of of the lakes is a letter in the word homes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.

As another example, being able to place a historical event in a wider context makes it easier to know around when it occurred. The fall of Constantinople closed trade with Asia to Europeans. Columbus’s trip to the Americas in 1492 was an attempt to reach Asia by sailing westward. The fall of Constantinople must have been shortly before this, and the exact year turns out to be 1453.

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