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I read the bottom of the article;
“Confederate memorial hall burned as second night of outrage erupts in Virginia”
So possibly to offset more eruptions of violence?

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Because the reason for the monument was his leadership in the Confederate Navy.. The monument was among those erected in Richmond VA to remember Confederate heroes.

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He was politically incorrect

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^^^^ @josie No, he was a racist and a traitor to the United States,

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So, therefore, he was politically incorrect.
What am I missing here?

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@josie – “Politically correct/incorrect” is a meaningless term used by a certain group of people with a shared ideology. Its only utility is group signaling. But in thoughtful discussions, you’d be more effective using words that convey what you really mean.

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If it was meaningless you would not be preaching. It has meaning, but you don’t like the meaning so you scold the people who use it.

But thanks for trying to help me be more effective. On the other hand I’ll do my best on my own.

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Maury Povich?

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@josie: “If it was meaningless you would not be preaching.”

It’s meaningless outside of your bubble, because it can mean anything when using it with someone who isn’t a social conservative of a certain age. Language is a tool, and this particular tool likely doesn’t serve to communicate what you believe it’s communicating.

People outside of your circle generally interpret “politically incorrect” to be an argument form of “get off my lawn”. It is more of an expression than a term used to communicate. When you use it with your peers, it signals to them that you too feel that things are changing and you feel uneasy about it. It lets others know that you are a social conservative, but don’t need to explain why. There is no need to discuss the principles or ideas surrounding the issue that is being discussed. It’s a dismissive catch-all that is lazy and just lets everyone know that you’re all on the same page.

When you insert that in a thread like this, however, you sidestep the actual topic and just come in to announce that you feel uncomfortable with it, don’t know why, and want to call out to your fellow conservatives for confirmation that it’s ok to feel nervous and uncomfortable with change.

@josie: “It has meaning, but you don’t like the meaning so you scold the people who use it.”

I don’t consider my comment to be “scolding”, and as I just described, I’m really just letting you know that you have stepped outside your bubble and may not be communicating what you think you are. Do you intend to tell us that you’re scared? Do you intend to let us know that you are so uncomfortable with certain subjects that thinking about them and discussing the issue is too traumatic? If not, you might choose to skip the “politically incorrect” placeholder, and unpack your actual thoughts on the subject.

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It seems I do the following every six months or so. But here I go again…

I do not believe the political state should be empowered to force a woman to take pregnancy to term.

I believe It is none of my business if gays want to get married and enjoy the same legal recognition as others who marry.

I believe police in the US have become over militarized over the last half century.

I believe Labor needs a strong political voice and legal allowances in order to balance the power of capital/ownership in a free market.

I believe Corporations are not individuals as when it comes to political activity.

I believe the US has been a little trigger happy happy with it’s foreign policy since WW II

I am opposed to capital punishment.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

And yet there is always some moron on this site who calls me a “conservative”.
But the good news is I have been called worse.
Do your best to have a good day. You seem unhappy. That’s not good for you.

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@Dutchess_III: “Why would they remove the Maury monument?”

Then, @zenvelo answers the question…

@zenvelo: “Because the reason for the monument was his leadership in the Confederate Navy.. The monument was among those erected in Richmond VA to remember Confederate heroes.”

You reply with a non-reply…

@josie: “He was politically incorrect.”

And now you are talking about capital punishment, same-sex marriage, and police. What about @Dutchess_III‘s question? Do you have any insights on that issue?

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Yes I do.
He was politically incorrect.
At this moment there aren’t too many things more politically incorrect than the Confederacy.

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