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I need to relocate my Fluther sticker - help!

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) February 12th, 2010

I have a lovely Fluther sticker affixed to the back window of my car – my old car. I have a new car now and, since our friendly neighborhood jelly sticker maker has left the building, my only choice is to move the one I have. Any ideas for helping me safely get the sticker off one window and on to another?

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How did you get the sticker in the first place? Can’t you steam it off?

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I’m afraid there’s nothing for it. You have to keep the old car!

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Can you CAREFULLY take it off with a razor blade scraper?

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you can take a picture of it and have it laminated and put that on your new car

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@talljasperman Huh. I’d never thought of that idea. That’s a good suggestion.

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Good luck replacing that. I got mine from evelyns_pet_zebra and he won’t be making anymore of those.

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@AstroChuck I know and it really bums me out! I got a second one but, since I had it covered, I gave it to gimmedat and I really can’t ask for it back. This sucks!

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I wont put mine on a car because of a little phobia I have. (the last two times I put a sticker on a car the car was totalled within a week.) So I use my coveted sticker when I travel. My goal is to snap images of Dr. J in odd locations to add to JLeslie’s question where she had an image of herself in a Fluther T-shirt in the Arctic Circle.

So anyway- I just went over and scanned my sticker and made a perfect duplicate of it! Since I have no need for the original sticky one it is now sealed in an envelope with a stamp and return mailing address. All I need is you to PM me an address to send it to.


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@Dog That is really kind of you.

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See? That’s how flutherites are. Way to go, Dog. :-)

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Mine is still in a drawer in my office. It will be better used by you @SuperMouse. If you want it, it is yours. Send me a pm with a p.o. box if you would like.

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Mine’s not stuck to anything yet. I haven’t decided where to put it.

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I have a spare one if anyone wants it.

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See?! This is why It is such a pleasure to be part of The Collective! You guys ROCK! Thank you for the kind sticker offers!

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I feel like all of the fun things were before my time.
Puppy, you rock. So hard. <3

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@rangerr :: When I get the card I will send you a sticker. :-)

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@johnpowell It’s going in the mail tomorrow! <33333

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awesome.. Make sure to put a return address on it so I know where to send it.

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Try using a Sticker Shield this time. It is one of my favorite modern conveniences.

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I made a magnet out of mine, so it can be moved around.

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Where does one get a Fluther sticker ? Thanks

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Major kudos and lurve, lurve, lurve to @Dog who provided me a brand new Fluther sticker for my car! Thanks Dog!!

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