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Will we ever be able to Buy/Obtain Lurve?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 4th, 2008

example: buying Fluther Merchandise, Fluther Blood drives etc. helps you get Lurve? (1 shirt= 10 Lurve or something…)

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Purchased lurve is just not the same.

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No, no – at least I hope not. You have to earn your lurve.

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Money can’t buy me lurve.

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Please, no.

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@adije I feel compelled now to respond, “lurve, lurve me do.”

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Nope. The object of lurve is to give good answers. It’s not for shopping or competition.

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you can pay me for lurve. I will give you points for every question you answer and ask. =) you can use pay pal…for every point of lurve I give I require one US dollar.

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Can lurve be sold? I mean that in the philosophic sense, not the virtual economy sense. Also, it’s a rhetorical question.

Lurve for sale! Lurve for sale! Fifty cents a lurve!

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No, lurve must be earned, it should not be for sale at any price!

@marina and adjije, “I ain’t got nothing but lurve babe, eight days a week.”

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my name is deteriorating with each iteration
but I’m glad that people can catch references

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Haha, poor aidje.

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“Lurve me tender”..

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“I’m in lurve with her and I feel fine!”

Fluthuary 14, 1999 3:34 PM PST

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He lurves me, he lurves me not…

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Old lady walks into bank. Teller is female, young, blond, curvacious, beautifully dressed and made-up. She says to old lady, “Nice T-shirt.” Everyone lurves Dr. J.

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@all…tnx : (

I still think getting x Lurves for buying Fluther merch would be coo


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Might as well face it, you’re addicted to lurve.

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Lurve don’t cost a thing.

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comon man…just gime a little Lurve….just a bit *Scratches face

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Whoa, whoa, you get the best of my lurve.

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feel-like-a-nat-tur-al wo-... wait… That doesn’t work.

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@brian; too subtle by half.

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buy buy lurve
bye bye happiness.

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All world, join hands, on the lurve train, the lurve train…

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