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What area is least affected by CORONAVIRUS?

Asked by emorris25 (81points) 1 month ago

I would like to move to a new area and start fresh.

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According to the world map, most of Africa, and all of Greenland and Iceland.

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Iceland is a really interesting place.

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Isolated areas with low population often have zero virus. But those same areas are closed and will not admit newcomers right now. Furthermore many of these places don’t have adequate medical facilities, so even if you were able to move there, you would be quite disappointed in the medical care if you needed it.

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New Zealand is doing pretty well right now.
Don’t count on anybody just letting you in these days.

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Antarctica has zero cases on the whole continent. But it is winter there….

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Iceland was affected at first, but they behaved like civilized organized cooperative adults and so were able to isolate the affected people and shut it down.

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Uprooting your life and choosing a location based on a shifting trend that may well change by the time you get there is…not really advisable.

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