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Is Trump getting more deranged with each passing day?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26791points) August 7th, 2020

The words that are coming out of his mouth is unbelievable. I’m aware this is nothing new but as November approaches it seems he will get worse, much worse.

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He’s cornered. He’s panicked. Of course it will get worse. The amount of damage he can still do is incalculable. There is no one who can rein him in. And he’s already made it plain that collateral damage is of no interest to him.

Collateral damage: that’s us.

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He’s whacked out & it ain’t going to get any better!!!

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@LadyMarissa @Jeruba Historian Jon Meacham interview parsed it quite well imo, reacting to Trump’s latest attacks on Biden.

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It has seemed that way, since he took office.

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I started following him almost 40 years ago & I can tell you that his deranged way of dealing with anything didn’t just start after he took office. It’s just that people started paying more attention after he took office…he’s been a very sick man for a VERY long time!!!

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As I’ve said before, I listened to many Trump interviews, on Howard Stern, years ago. He was always a narcissist. He took great pride, in being who he was.
However. For whatever reason, he has purposely, or otherwise, seemed to dumb down his rhetoric, and/or believe his own BS…
And. He has certainly gained a rather ridiculous self indulgence , with his own abilities.
Abilities, that are completely unjustified…

His base’s support, only feed his ego.

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