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What recent movies do you think will be regarded as classics in a couple decades?

Asked by rockfan (11738points) 1 month ago from iPhone

As asked.

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Blade Runner 2049, The Vast of Night, The Invisible Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Trolls World Tour.

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First Cow
The Florida Project
The Irishman

Among others that I can’t recall right now.

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Although I’ve not watched any of them and I’m going strictly by what I’ve heard, I’m guessing that the Fast and Furious franchise will be on the list

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Definitely agree with Room, that was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had in a movie theater

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@rockfan I was blown away by it.

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I haven’t heard of The Room so I went to add it to my list of upcoming events. I’ve found something like 4 of them with the same name. What year, who starred, who directed? Please fill me in. I love finding those hidden gems

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It’s just “Room” with Bree Larsen as star. Around 2016. I forget the director.

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^ Thanks. That was one that I found. I’ll go back and add it to my list. The diretcor was Lenny Abrahamson. I just reserved it to watch this evening or tomorrow at the latest

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^^ Cool!

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I’ve discovered several great movies by perusing Q’s like this one and listening to the opinions. When enough of the members are excited about it, it’s usually worth checking out. Anyway, I do know where the stop button is if it doesn’t meet my expectation; but to date, I’ve never had to hit that button

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In addition to some of what have been mentioned: Mad Max Fury Road

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Two Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Bad Times At The El Royale
Cop Car
Ford v Ferrari

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@janbb Just a heads up, Room is an extremely harrowing and gut wrenching film. It’s best to be prepared.

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^^ You meant that for @Seka. I’m the one who recommended it.

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I’ll add some to the list:

The Farewell

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“Embrace of the Serpent” and “Birds of Paradise” were tow films set in South America that were outstanding!

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The Joker
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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