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What tools do I need to fix my car?

Asked by bizarrefish26 (121points) September 22nd, 2020

I have a 2020 Toyota Corolla that I wrecked into a telephone pole with. It still drives and everything, or at least it did before I tried to fix it. I need to know what tools I will need to completely disassemble it. My dad told me that most new cars require special tools to disassemble the engine and transmission. My dad was an ASE certified mechanic for 10 years and worked at firestone. Unfortunately he doesn’t know a lot about newer cars. Also, where can I get parts and cheap tools.

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If you hit a telephone pole, your focus should be more on the frame and body. That means you will need the kind of machinery found in body shops, not cast off wrenches and screwdrivers picked up at a garage sale.

You’re going to need some hydraulic jacks, and a few hoists. Plus a computer gizmo to read the codes on the car’s computer.

You can get cheap parts at an auto recyclers, AKA a wrecker’s yard.

Or, you can call your insurance company, and get them to tell you where to get it fixed after you pay your deductible. Be a lot faster and a lot less headache, and you won’t worry about wheels falling off at highway speeds.

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The very fact that you’re asking this question is a guarantee that you have no idea what you are up against. Your dad is precisely the person you should have look at your car if only to determine if it is worth fixing. Beyond the actual mechanical work, you need body and possibly frame work. And you need ESTIMATES as to what needs doing. Does your dad still have his tools? And do you have ANY mechanical knowledge or even aptitude?

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The tools should include – - – “got a clue” and “lotsa money”.

2020 Corolla in a body shop with the frame and body straighter. Not a shade tree repair !!

The air bags went-off and that a couple of thousand dollars ?

Every body panel on a new car is $1500 to $2000 to repair or replace, each fender, front fascia and hood. The total for two fenders, fascia (front bumper) and hood is about $6500 and any broken engine pieces is more.

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All you need is a Visa gold card.
To be fair we don’t know how bad you damaged your car when you hit the pole, but to ask what tools you need?
If it is more than bent bumper ,you will need an entire body shop at your disposal, and even if you can find the parts from the junk yard they will have to be painted to match your car.
Number one get a few quotes from a few different body shops at the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to repair it, then go from there.
And what others have said if the frame is bent ,the body shop might tell you the car is a write off.

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If you have a 2020 car, then I’m sure it’s got a loan taken out on it and therefore you would be required to have collision insurance. Report the accident to the insurance company and they will pay to fix the car. This may be a requirement because technically the bank owns the car, or whoever lent you the money owns the car (auto dealer? bank?) and the loan documents may stipulate that the car is seen by a claims adjuster and repaired by a certified body shop.

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Are you going to tear the car completely apart or just into major subassemblies? You will at least need metric wrenches and socket sets, usually in the even numbers ranges. You will need jack stands and a cherry picker for removing the engine from the chassis. You may also need a transmission jack. It may help a great deal to get a service manual for your vehicle.
This might be something you leave to the pros since a major job like that requires a lot of know-how.

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A modern car with a ton of sensors, it’s not a 1970 ford pick up, if you don’t have the experience or know someone who does you really are in over your head.
Pay your deductible and get the car fixed right.

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@SQUEEKY2 I didn’t have insurance on it When I wrecked it. The initial payment went through but then rejected so my policy got cancelled and I didn’t know. My dad was a mechanic so he might be able to help. The only issue is that he hasn’t worked as a mechanic since 1995 or 96 and he also in a wheelchair now. I’m trying to get my friend to help. Paying a professional at this point is nearly impossible because I’m going to have to pay 3 grand to get it out of the junkyard.

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Other options, part the car out and cut your loses, or default on the loan and let the bank have the car, will take a while to build your credit up again.
Plus we still don’t know how bad you damaged the car in the accident.

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@SQUEEKY2 its a complicated situation but I never got a loan on it.

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You are going to need estimates to determine the amount of work necessary. I’m sure your dad has told you this. Wheel him out to look at your car if he hasn’t seen it. At the very least, have SOMEONE who knows what they’re doing give it a look. This is a grim lesson for you, but you need to know and UNDERSTAND what you’re up against.

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@bizarrefish26; Doing major body work is not something that the Average Joe with some tools can do. It takes people years to even learn how the car is put together, and it takes expensive machines to diagnose and fix auto bodies (such as frame, as mentioned by @zenvelo above, alignment, etc.). Plus you need to get the parts, have to know how to figure out what parts you need, it’s major. It would be like someone who knows rudimentary carpentry saying they’re going to build a house.

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@bizarrefish26: You never got a loan for 2020 car, so you paid cash for it?

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