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Voting is happening for Fat Bear Week! Who’s your fave?

Asked by canidmajor (16628points) 3 weeks ago

It’s that time of year again, and this election and the hoopla beats the hell out of that other one. Here’s the link:, take a look, make a choice!
This year, I am all about #747, or Bear Force One as I like to call him.

Celebrate some ursine corpulence!

We could all use a little fun in our lives these days.

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I voted! 856.

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It said voting is closed, but thanks for turning me on to a very cool site! There’s so much to ‘explore’.

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@smudges: Voting is only closed for matchups 1 and 2 that happened on Wednesday. You get to vote on the new matchups (shown on the bracket chart) every day til done! :-)

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Without going there, I vote for Yogi Bear.

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