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How to make chrome run an html program?

Asked by Benji101 (4points) October 30th, 2020

I started learning how to use HTML, and I tried running a program I made in chrome. It didnt show up in the open with page, and a drag and dropped the file in chrome, but nothing. I was reading other peoples questions, but my problem seems different. Chrome just shows the actual code, and isnt running it.

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what file extension does the name of your html document have? what program are you using to write the html?

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Have your HTML file be named something.htm or something.html.

Find the file system path to your HTML file. (e.g. on Windows, something like C:\HTML_Fun\something.html).

Copy or type the system path into the address bar of your browser, and hit Enter / Return.

If nothing happens, turn on the developer console in Chrome and open the debugging tab and see what error feedback you might be getting.

If none, or just to test manually, you can make a something.html that just has a word of text in it, and make sure at least that word of text appears in the browser. Then start adding parts of the HTML “program” simple piece by piece and testing to see what works.

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