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Is there a way to turn off receiving Youtube notifications from a specific comment section?

Asked by Catnip5 (320points) October 30th, 2020

So here’s the situation: I’ve made a few Youtube comments last week ago in a very racist, hateful, and active Youtube comment section. Sadly, the trolls, incels, bots, and nut jobs seem to outnumber the sane comments with several more upvotes. When I saw that the entire comment section is a lost cause, I’ve pretty much stopped giving a shit about the comments and the video itself since and wanted to move on. But I’ve kept receiving more new notifications from those same kind of detractors trying to bait me as of yesterday. They clearly have nothing better to do with their lives if they think my old comments are worth applying to/getting upset over anymore. So I don’t know if ignoring, hiding, or muting the replies would be effective enough anymore. That won’t stop more kinds of negative comments from flooding in and spamming my email every time.

If I use the ‘turn off reply updates’ function from my account, it will just turn off all reply notifications in general (which I don’t want to do). I just want to be able to turn off the reply updates that I receive from one video. If I also just report these users, what good will that one really do (if youtube actually cares about moderating the comment sections at all)?

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I think you can delete your YouTube comments, without any time limit.

You could edit your comment to some form of a “Fuck You and Farewell in Hell” departure, and then delete it after about a minute.

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@Brian1946 I can definitely do that for some of my comments, but then I’ve also made a few other comments that basically fact-checks their hypocrisy, lies, and ‘paranoia’. My only minor concern there if I delete those ones, then the detractors and trolls will feel like they ‘won.’

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@Brian1946 I mean, any thoughts there?

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Update: So the problem stopped now since the weekend.

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