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Did you make or have a special dinner, dessert or drink for Election Day or night?

Asked by jca2 (15749points) November 3rd, 2020

I made a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. I put colored sprinkles on it so it looks festive.

The cake was from a mix and the icing was a mix of cream cheese and cream cheese icing, canned.

I’m having a slice with my Caffeine free Diet Coke. I might follow that up with leftover Halloween candy.

How about you?

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I had duck and McDonalds and a slice of Black forest cake.

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I made a cheer-up cake after reading @janbb’s thread. I just finished frosting it. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, my favorite.

Yesterday I planned a week’s worth of meals—a real achievement for someone who doesn’t like to deal with even one meal at a time—and shopped for them so no one would have to go anywhere all week. That’s because I’m nervous and fretful about current events.

When I came home, my son asked me, “Did you get plenty of chocolate?”

Of course I did.

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No time for anything like that. Spent my evening up at the local Y watching my grand son test for his yellow belt in Taekwondo.

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Hmmm, well I bought a maple and brown sugar coffee cake thing when shopping today.
That helped ease my nerves.

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Popcorn, while Zooming with friends.

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I had a really big piece of cake. Big enough to give me a stomach ache. I’m not sorry.

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I ate very little. I was expecting a landslide for “the big guy” and didn’t want to be sick.

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I had a few beers, which is rare on a weeknight.

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Reheated some leftover ribs, Spanish rice, and asparagus for dinner.

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I just came home from the grocery store. I bought caramilk and coffee crisp ice cream bars.

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