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What's your average bowling score? What's your best score ever?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) September 8th, 2008

My average is probably in the 90s. My best score ever was 115.

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My average is about 50–70, best guess. I think my best score was 110. I am bad at bowling.

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Can we count bowling on Wii sports? I can do far better on that than I can in real life.

It’s been a while since I last played but I think my average would be in the 80s. I’d be glad if I can scrape 100. I think that the balls I use must have magnets pulling them into the gutter or something. That’s the best excuse I could come up with.

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When I was in junior college I took a bowling class. I started out with an average of 68, at the end of the semester it was 69, it has held steady there for twenty some odd years. I think my high score is around 105.

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Average is 165, but my high game is 223!

I had a good day. =P

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I don’t bowl anymore (crippling arthritis prevents it), but at the top of my game, I believe I had a 147 average, and my all-time best game was a 244.

I still don’t know exactly how I did that. I was 19, as I recall…

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My best game ever was in the 180s a few years back. It was a fluke. I don’t go often, so the first time back after a long time I’d be happy to bowl 100. If I go a few weeks in a row I might get to the 130s. I don’t know my average though.

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When I was very young (8–10), I was in a bowling league and I was pretty damn good. My average was in the low 200s. (Two-oh-something, I can’t remember the exact number anymore.) My best game was the most frustrating one EVER. I was almost at 300 but I missed my last strike and only knocked down six. Aaaaargh!

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I average about 160ish. My best game was about 180. And thats REAL bowling.

@damien you might like this

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My average score is 100. The best score I have had was 240 and I was on acid when I did that.

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@buster: That sounds ridiculous! I cannot imagine bowling (let alone bowling well) on acid! Great job!!!

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The gutters were wiggling but I had tunnel vision tight down the middle.

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137 Avg… High Game 234

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Average: 171
High game: 267

And just for the record…

High series: 612

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My league average is 179.
My high game is 286.

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My highest score was 125. Average is around 80.

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My average is 171 and my high game is a 258, it was legit… No fluke. I’ve only been bowling for a year and this is a 30 game average

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