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Is this sensory overload?

Asked by hihellohi (120points) 1 month ago

When people touch me, I feel highly uncomfortable. It disgusts me, I guess. I end up scratching myself, and feel angry, maybe a little restless too I suppose. I physically feel a sort of disgust rise in my throat. Usually it gets better when I change what I’m wearing (for example, if someone touches my arm, I’ll change my shirt), or wash that part of myself.
Just a note, I have OCD. What I’m wondering is if this would count as sensory overload or an obsession/compulsion.

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Not a doctor but sounds like OCD.

Changing clothes because someone touches you is not sensory overload.

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@Tropical_Willie thanks for your response!
Of course, I know that changing my clothes is not sensory overload :) I’m wondering about the reaction itself. The disgust and anger and restlessness. I suppose it’s just a form of OCD that I did not recognize as such.

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Clearly it is sensory overload for YOU regardless of what we think.

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@hihellohi Thank you for trusting us with your question.

I live with bipolar disorder and work in the mental health field, but I am not a doctor. I know a little about mental health.

The disgust, anger, and agitation rising from being touched sounds like an OCD response. I would like to suggest you speak to your therapist and psychiatrist about this response. They will have much more to tell you and may have positive coping strategies for you that we’re unable to give you here.

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@Hawaii_Jake Thank you so much for answering :)) I don’t currently have a therapist (I left therapy a good while ago because it wasn’t doing anything for me. I guess my therapist was not the greatest), but thank you for the suggestion. Perhaps I may look into therapy again someday.

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^I really like therapy. It helps me so much. I know some people have to try multiple practitioners before they find one they like. All the best to you.

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I’m not a doctor. Though I think there is a strong correlation between OCD and disgust sensitivity?

Also would recommend speaking to a licensed therapist about this. :)

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