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Does anyone both watch CNN and Fox News?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18394points) 1 month ago

I channel surf and listen to topics that I am interested in. I paid for the channels and I watch local state national and international news, Science, business and any news that I am interested in.

I notice that the roles reverse depending on what party is in power. Democracts and Republicans. Or Conservative and Liberal in Canada.

I like hearing both sides. I find both sides compelling and engaging, and and I end up confused seeing both sides make sense, on their home turf.

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No. Why watch either? Note: They both present the same side.

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@hello321 I watch for educational and entertainment purposes. Each side has a well rounded opposite viewpoint that are both right. I am pretty desperate for content. I watch business news for fun.

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^ Which corporation/network is critical of capitalism, is anti-imperialist, and anti-war?

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@hello321 The Weather Network is the closest. Most other channels are either far left or far right. CBC is not ok anymore. PBS is ok sometimes. I miss Tyler Mathason.

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Nightly Business Report was my favorite show. Till it got cancelled. Now I watch Commodities on Bloomberg business channel at 9 am mountains standard time.

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I watch Laura, Hannity, Lou, etc, but with no great consistency. I do so for the laughs. CNN is a rarity, though I have my periods of watching Maddow on MSNBC.

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I never watch either. In fact I never watch TV news (except sometimes PBS newshour). The networks have one and only one goal—for you to continue to watch the networks for their advertisers.

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I look up CNN online most days and Fox News about once a week or so. The only news channel I watch regularly is the BBC.

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I watch neither.

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I watch both channels to find out the differing political opinions. But if CNN starts upsetting me with tall tales or lies (or what I perceive as such) I have to switch it off. Having been hospitalized with bleeding ulcers years ago I don’t relish returning to the hospital.

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