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Are sociopaths the life of the party?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18385points) 1 month ago

Also what are the pros for being with or being a sociopath?

Humor welcome.

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I found NO benefit to being married to a sociopath!!! Yes, he was ALWAYS the life of the party. Women found him exciting…at least until they knew him in a one on one relationship. Men hated him. He was the happiest when everyone around him was miserable!!!

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They sure can be if you don’t know what he is. They can be very charming and sociable.

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… until they decide to do things with no positive regard to your boundaries, welfare or sanity just because, and possibly involving anyone in your life, including your children.

It may (or may not) all seem like fun and games until you and your family’s lives are upside-down, and everyone you know suddenly could use a lot of therapy. Hopefully everyone’s still alive.

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They often are. They tend to be charismatic and they have confidence and presence and so they attract attention. People get sucked in unless they are very familiar with the behavior and then they might have a sixth sense about it and be very turned off. They make the people closest to them miserable. To make matters worse people will tell the miserable parties what a great guy/girl the sociopath is, so funny and friendly.

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No. The life of the party is the golden retriever that wants to play with everyone.

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But sociopaths now seem to be the life of the (G rand O ld) Party!

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