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Speaking of atrocities, how was Taco Bell allowed to brutally terminate the career of that chihuahua?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24153points) March 23rd, 2021 from iPhone

It turns out that the superstar’s name is Gidget, and she must be the greatest “male impersonator” ever. I think she outdid Victor Victoria. Did she get her Hollywood star?

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“Yo quiero Taco Bell”

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I’d be fine in Flo, the woman in Progressive commercial, were to be put on the unemployment line. She seems to flit from position to position with the company. She always wears the same clothes. And she has that grating voice.

Another commercial animal that is worthy of a violent demise is that atrocious Emu used by Liberty Mutual. It’s time to chop off its wings permanently.

As horrible gecko – can we urge someone to squish it with their car tire?

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^So violent!

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Lassie was portrayed by Pal, a male collie. I suppose that makes him the greatest female impersonator.

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Thems the breaks in advertising. Once you aren’t bringing up the bottom line any more, see ya. All the faster if you offend a lot of people.

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He dropped the chalupa.

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