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How do you feel about ghosting?

Asked by Demosthenes (14781points) March 31st, 2021 from iPhone

As in, ceasing contact with someone without explanation. Often in a texting/internet context.

Has it happened to you? Have you done it? When is it appropriate and when isn’t it? Do you think you owe someone an explanation? Does it depend on how long you have been communicating with them? What are the ethics of ghosting?

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As a gay man, I’ve been ghosted many times. The vast majority of the time it was men I’d seen once or twice. It was irksome, but I recovered instantly.

Once, a boyfriend ghosted me. We’d been dating for about 4 months, and he just disappeared. That one took a few days of recovery.

I have ghosted a handful of men I’d met once. There was something about each one that made me very wary about any contact. I felt there was a potential for violence.

When ghosting is done in a relationship that has some history, it’s grossly immature.

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▲ I think it’s quite amusing when some inept buffoon accidentally ghosts himself. ;-D

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It’s happened to me, and I have done it. I think it’s appropriate when someone’s behavior has been bad enough that continuing communication seems like a serious problem. Depending on what sort of interaction or relationship has been in place, I think it can be quite rude, inconsiderate and hurtful.

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I feel that it depends entirely on context.

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Done it and had it done.
Personally I don’t think boundaries are a bad thing, even on social media. I prefer to be emotionally responsible and say something now that I’m more mature though.

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I don’t even know what the hell that is. I’ve seen the term mentioned, I assume it’s the same as what, back in the day, we refered to as “blowing a person off”, or getting “blown off”. I would never do that to a freind, if it happens it would be entirely accidental. As in losing or breaking a phone and all my contact info is lost, or absent minedely losing an email addy due to a “senior moment”. But if I were to recover the info I would for sure drop the person a line, and explain and apologize. Hell I’m still in touch, off and on, with a woman I have known since second grade. As far as being “ghosted” myself, if you prefer that term, oh well. I have other things to be concerned with in life. You like me and want to keep touch, cool. If not, then adios amigo, have a great life. No big whoop to me. I might at least email the person to see what’s up, but if they seem disinterested then that’s life. People trip out about too much trival bull shit these days anyway. Just my own long winded two cents. : )

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