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Is access to the post office a right?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18836points) 1 month ago

To send a letter? What about private companies? Or social media?

Or in the future? How expensive is it to create one’s own I.S.P. , and social media site?

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No, it’s not a right. There are many rural places that do not have a post office nearby. I think if you went not too far north of Fort McMurray you wouldn’t;t find a PO for quite a way.

And there is no inherent right to access to other forms of communication.

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No. How could it be?

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@elbanditoroso They are talking about the “Great White North” of Canada.

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According to this article people are entitled to delivery of mail but not access to a post office.

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People can look at there mail but not other peoples mail.

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