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Have you ever attended a ritual gathering in honor of the solstice?

Asked by kneesox (4593points) June 20th, 2021

Nature religions and other old and New Age traditions observe the changes of seasons with ceremonies and special customs. Have you ever attended such an event?

Happy Summer Solstice!

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We went to the Summer Solstice Celebration at Golden Gate Park on June 21, 1967.
It was the first day of the Summer of Love, man!

It would have been far out if we got to share some peyote with our Native Spiritual brothers, man.
That wasn’t happenin’ so we grooved on some orange sunshine instead, but it was still outasight, man!

We heard a free gig featuring the Grateful Dead, and Big Brother & the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, MAN!

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I remember a bonfire when I still lived in a village.
Did not care for the heat.

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I attended a party last night. There was some ritual involved, and my friend played crystal bowls and gongs for us while we meditated. It was a wonderful evening.

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Yes, the town where I used to live had a solstice parade every year.

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”...we grooved on some orange sunshine….”

“We heard a free gig….”


we tripped on some orange sunshine.

We grooved on a free gig….

Your warped dedication to disco, has addled your mind to the point that you’ve forgotten crucially important parts of our beloved ancient Hippy vernacular. ;-(

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@Brian1946 I’m so envious! But I have some good memories (as well as some lost memories!) of good ol’ California orange sunshine.

I think I’d like to experience a wiccan ceremony.

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@smudges, I did. Quite a few, actually. I had a friend who was into them, and I went along for the fun of it. I really enjoyed them, the spooky Samhain as well as the cheery Litha.

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