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Without looking it up, what do you think a Vulcain Cricket is?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39629points) 1 month ago

If you know the answer please don’t reveal it. Just say you know.

I thought it was a car from the 1930’s.

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A Star Trek sport?

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I thought it was a bug and I had to look it up.

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A handheld version of the Vulcan autocannon made for small children?

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A dangerous insect from outwith the Solar System.

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I thought the Delta Variant was a car from the sixties…

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A bat.
A cricket bat.
A Vulcain cricket bat.

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Along similar lines as @ragingloli I thought it could be a close in weapons system like this but for a small transport craft. It would fire .22s or steel BBs. (I was wrong.)

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Wasn’t a cricket some sort of fancy flash watch? I knew a guy who always adorned himself in outrageously priced exotic stuff. He could not understand why his house and car were burglarized so routinely, and his threads go missing from the dry cleaners. He kept the auto glass shop in business virtually by himself. It got so that his shiny Benz was confined to his armored garage. Funny that he was never mugged that I recall for the watch. I thought he called the watch the “virgin cricket”.

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I apologize to the community for fkn up the thread. I was supposed to answer simply maybe I know, not ramble.

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@stanleybmanly Fear not. We still love ya. :-)

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A very logical insect.

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^ With pointy ears.

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A prehistoric ancestor of the cricket.

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I thought you had a typo and imagined it was a bug in a volcano. The real thing made me laugh.

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A small trailerable camper??

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