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[NSFW] Is this normal after hitting a guy in the groin?

Asked by ChocolateSunset (20points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I was recently attacked in a parking lot while walking to my car from work. Long story short, this guy came up behind me and was like, “Hi, beautiful” and put his arms around me. Then he started kissing my neck and that’s when my self-defense training kicked in. He held me in a bear hug and my arms were pinned, but I noticed that my hands were right next to his crotch area. So I slid my hand back into his crotch, dug my fingers in, and squeezed like my life depended on it. He immediately stopped kissing me, grunted, and doubled over slightly, but still wouldn’t let go of me. He had tight fitting jeans on so I knew my hand was in the right area, but his jeans were super thick and I wasn’t sure if I was squeezing hard enough. So I dug my fingers in even deeper and squeezed harder. That’s when I started feeling his jeans become wet and I realized he was actually peeing himself. Luckily, he began to sink to the floor after that and I was able to get away safely. In all my years of taking women’s self-defense classes, I’ve never heard of an attacker wetting himself from a groin strike. Is it normal for a guy to do this after being hit in the groin or did I end up damaging something “down there”?

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It’s hard to say what’s usual, thank goodness it hasn’t happened to me.

But keeping pee in takes a certain amount of muscular control on his part, particularly if his bladder was full. Your squeezing him and him trying to deal with the pain may very well have meant that his muscles were no longer controlling the bladder but trying to deal with whatever you were doing.

Bottom line: it is certainly a plausible outcome, especically if he had a full bladder.

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I’ve never pissed myself after getting a shot to the boys. That said, I’ve never had someone squeeze the ever-living-shit out of my testicles in a death grip. I can certainly see how that could result in an involuntary release of the bladder. Good on you for defending yourself. I hope you reported the scumbag to the police and they caught the fucker. I’m glad you’re safe and wish you well.

Also, welcome to Fluther! I hope you stick around.

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Don’t know, but I’m glad your okay. Good job defending yourself. I’m sure it was terribly scary.

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If this asshole was drunk, it would explain his mashing and his wetting himself.

Good job on you defending yourself.
I hope he lost a testicle.

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I hope you dialed 911 – after washing your hands.

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Don’t know don’t care, good job on your part. You didn’t finish the job though. When he dropped to the ground you should have kicked his pervert ass in the teeth then stomped his head. Let the cops deal with whatever was left. Happy you’re ok.

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Just one more thing. If you had fugged him up royally, which you had every right to do, what’s he going to do, press charges on you, then admit he tried to rape you? And you can bet that was his intention. He’d have to let it go to cover his own butt. “Gee Officer, I was minding my own business, when this mean young lady squished my nuts, knocked my teeth out, and gave me a concussion”. LMAO! Super kudos to ya!

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