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In which situations do you need to be the most calm and yet always end up freaking out?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26469points) 1 month ago from iPhone

And why do you think it happens, you lose your cool?

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When it relates to my mother’s health. I’m her only child and my emotions tend to get the better of me. I just want to scoop her up, wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her safe.

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^^Funny. Reason I asked this question was last night’s depressing chat with my brother and pretty much related to what you just said. Hope your Mom is ok.

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@mazingerz88 She went ER yesterday with blood clots in both legs and lungs AFTER her radiation treatment.

At least you have a brother to share it. I hope that situation improves for you as well. Hugs.

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Lord @KNOWITALL. Keep us updated

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Misplacing my cellphone. It’s with in 20 feet in from me at all times.

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@Dutchess_III She just tested positive for the original Covid and got sent home to quarantine. See, that’s what happens when your immune system is shot from cancer treatments. :(

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Not much really. Other than when I get stuck in Austin traffic driving to work in the afternoon. Never had any road rage issues, but I sit in my car and cuss like a trooper. Doesn’t help and I know it doesn’t help, but it will reduce the stress a tad. Just rants like, It ain’t gonna turn purple you moron, or I hope the hell they pull your fuck tard ass over, or speed on dip shit, hell ain’t half damn full. Cant stand getting stuck in that traffic, running my A/C full blast, and taking 3 hours for what should be, at max, a one hour drive.

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When my kids were little and I couldn’t find them.

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Heights. I tell myself to stay calm, then when I get up there I hear voices. Not good.

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@Dutchess_III Oh hell yes, That used to put me into panic mode too. Most horrible feeling I can imagine. My wife used to call Old Daddy Goose. Maybe so, but there a lot of freakos in the world today.

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Making Eggs Benedict for brunch. Tepid hollandaise is basically like congealed snot, so you have to nail your timing.

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Driving someplace and getting lost or thinking I will arrive too late.

@KNOWITALL Hoping for better for your Mom!

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I haven’t found any time or event where I needed to be calm and freaked out. Usually, as things get really crazy, I get more and more calm and focused.

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Same as @janbb! I hate getting lost on my way to an appt and worrying that I’ll be late. I always allow enough time, but sometimes just get turned around. My GPS works sometimes but sometimes not and Toyota wants around $150 just to diagnose the problem. Don’t like using my phone but will in a pinch.
Also, anything to do with the car – thinking I might have a flat on the interstate, running low on gas, etc. I talk to my car in those situations. ;)

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Dealing with doctors when I am at an appointment for a chronic problem.

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I don’t freak out – on the outside.
I might be screaming on the inside but outside I look cool and collected.
Certain ambulance calls would cause me to silently freak out. That made me work in a super efficient, calm manner.

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