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What is the oldest item in your house?

Asked by tabbycat (1811points) September 12th, 2008

Not including people

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I have some old pictures and newspapers.

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Ckin: Not including people! You’re cheating!

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Some photos of my mother, taken in the 1920s, probably.

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Personally, photos. Probably, something I picked up in an estate sale.

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An antique pocket watch (it still works!)

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@wildflower: I got kicked out of an antique store, one time.

I had casually walked into the store and said, “Good morning! What’s new?”

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My Grandfathers RAF logbook from WWII or some antique china. But the RAF book is so much more interesting!

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the carpet by the looks of it.

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I have some really old mirrors in my house. Also some portraits from the early 1900’s

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My grandparents wedding photos that i lifted from his apartment after my grandfather passed away this year.

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a case from 1659, btw did I mention that my house itself is from 1735

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Blondie’s greatest hits on cd. First one I ever bought 23 years ago.

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I have several old books. One of my favorite things to do is to go to used book stores and find early editions of books, and then buy them for a few dollars. I really love to find notes and papers inside them.

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My dad’s high school picture, he was handsome! I have it will all the photos I used to keep on my dorm wall. It’s one of the original prints my grandmother bought, not a copy. Either that or my grandmother’s mood ring from when they first came out. I’m not sure which is older. Everything else I have that is actually important is at my parent’s house.

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I’ve got a side table that belonged to my great grandfather. It was made some time in the late 1800s. My sister has some old pictures of his home, taken around 1900, in which the table appears. It’s sort of weird, seeing something you own and use in a picture from a long-ago time.

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I have an upright piano from 1940 that won’t stay in tune, a first edition Mark Twain softcover from 1910, and a handful of photographs from the 1940s – ‘50s.

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I have a huge teddy bear that’s a few days older than me – my parents bought it for me right before I was born (it was bigger than I was at that point!)

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Photos of my great-grandmother when she was a young girl. To give you some perspective on how old they are, I am 41.

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a large trunk my ancestors used when they came over from Sweden in the late 1800s

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I think the oldest thing that I have is a part of a piece of pottery from Pompeii. It is a clay spout from some kind of vessel. When my dad was a child, he took the “Grand Tour” with his mother and grandmother and they stopped in Pompeii. He was about 10 years old and probably one of the only children around. He was a very curious child and interested in History, so he got to talking to one of the archaeologists at the site and he gave him the piece of pottery as a remembrance.

He grew up part time in the Philippines and also found an Asian iron tea kettle when digging on the property. I’m in the process of finding out how old that is and something about it’s origin.

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Some of my great-grandma and great-grandpas jewelry. Her pins, rings, and necklaces. His cuff links and watches.
There’s also a picture of my great-grandpa and his mom taken about a day or two after he was born. He was born October 30, 1906.

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I have a set of 1923 World Book encyclopedias. They refer to WWI as “The Great War.”

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Actually I just remembered I have a Roman coin somewhere. Used to have a fossilized seashell I found on a bluff overlooking Laguna Beach, but I think I lost it in a move somehow.

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Not sure, either my Great great grandmother’s rocker or my Great Great grandfathers dresser.

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