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How much lower and how much higher than the normal range can Bilirubin be? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) August 6th, 2021

If ithe doctor doesn’t menton it at all when it’s labelled “high”, that means there is an acceptable level of higher than normal range. So by how much can it be higher?

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I should add (too late for editing) “by how much higher or lower than the normal range can it be acceptable?

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I worked in a medical lab for 15 years, but only your doctor can tell you that.

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Ask the doctor that requested the test.

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The doctor can be on this site, just like a trucker is. And the question is not about me. The doctor would answer “People who have [x, or y or z ] ..., but people who ยจ....” so when the patient gets to see the doctor they would be more informed, verify it with him/her and have more time for less basic questions.

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