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In a election debate would puting each candidate in sound proof cubicles and only being able to speak when it is their turn?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) 1 month ago

Humor and legit answers welcome.

Has any jurisdiction in the planet ever tried it? Other than just cutting the politician’s mike off?

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I doubt it has been tried yet. Cutting off the microphone seems to be doing the job so far.

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It wasn’t necessary before an obnoxious boor became a candidate.

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What should be added along with sound proof, is with every known lie they tell a bit of air is sucked out of the booth and if they keep lying all the air is sucked off and they just pass out.

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Candidates in a debate should be given real time feedback on how their remarks are being received by the public. I would suggest a system that allows viewers to administer electric shocks using their TV remote control.

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Sounds good to me. Could we also have the option of cutting off the airflow in the booth if they do not directly answer or dodge a question?

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