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My personal space and safety has been tested several times the past few months. What can I do to feel more safe?

Asked by tent (245points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Two weeks ago someone tried to steal my catalytic converter, then last night someone tried to break into our home. Back in May I was brutally attacked by my neighbor’s dog.

I love my neighborhood and I’m not giving up but I’ve been traumatized repeatedly.

What can I do to protect myself and feel safe?

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Carry a gun where people can see it.

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I sounded my car alarm before I called 911 last night. It scared the guy and he left.

Always keep your car keys by your side.

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Make sure every incident is reported to the police and documented. If they find that there is an increase in crime in your area, they should be increasing patrols, which hopefully will translate into hiring more officers.

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Would you consider taking a class in martial arts?

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Adopt a dog.

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^^^ But can’t be any dog. It’s gotta bark to alert you plus attack if needed. may have to train it

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Since the OP was brutally attacked by a dog, I don’t think an attack dog is the best idea.

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You don’t need an attack dog. Golden Retrievers are some of the sweetest dogs around, but they’ll defend their owners if they’re being attacked. A lot of breeds are like that.

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Maybe install some home security measures like Ring doorbells and the like. Motion sensor very bright lights, maybe something with noise.

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I second a dog. A German Shepherd.
She isn’t afraid of dogs in general.

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@Dutchess_III Do you know the OP?

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Wear a GO-PR camera, have a tazer ( if leagal) go out with a friend or friends in groups.
Safety in numbers.

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All of this has happened in her home @Inspired_2write.

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WOW move neghborhoods

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Read the details @Inspired_2write.

“I love my neighborhood and I’m not giving up but I’ve been traumatized repeatedly.

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Security cameras. I wish this wasn’t the answer, but it probably is the only reasonable thing that will help you feel safer.

And fear is no reason to buy a gun or an animal.

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I adopted two dogs almost a year ago. I also have cats. My landlord is gracious enough to allow us this many pets.

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I think I handled the home invasion as best as I could. I scared him in a nonviolent way and then alerted authorities. My problem is dealing with the emotions. It was traumatizing.

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I can imagine @tent!

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@tent Might be worth seeking out some short term counseling to deal with the trauma.

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A number of people I know have used during the pandemic as a go to for specific issues, and have recommended it. The cost is reasonable.

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Thank you!

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