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Have you ever been face to face with a celeb, and not even realized it?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7074points) 1 month ago

Back in the late 70s, I was attending a business conference for my boss, at a Holiday Inn in Austin. During break, I got on an elevator to go down and grab a quick bite to eat, and some dude in this wild cowboy costume was on it when I got on. Nice dude, asked, “How’s it going bud, you doing all right?” I murmured something about, “Not bad, how you doing?” At any rate, at the end of the day, as I left to go home, I saw a sign on the marquee out front, Tonight: Marty Robbins! Then it dawned on me, crap, I knew that guy looked familiar. And I was on the elevator with him, and didn’t even realize it.

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And “El Paso” and “El Paso City” by Marty Robbins are two of the very few country western songs I have actually always liked. Damn…And all I could think was, damn dude, get rid of that goofy looking outfit!

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I was eating in a restaurant in New York. There were tow tables available: one wiating to be cleared, one marked “Reserved”. We were seated at the reserved table while the other was cleaned.

We were about to order when a couple was seated next tu ast the cleaned table. The youg woman smiled at us, and I was struck by how beautiful she was. After about ten minutes, my girlfriend kicked me under th etable, and whispered “quit staring!”.

I behaved myself the rest of the dinner. After we left, my girlfriedn said, “I can’t beleive you kept staring at Julia Stiles.”

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Not quite like that. I’ve usually been not sure whether someone’s a celebrity, or who they are, before determining / remembering who they are. And once I went to a small concert by Nina Hagen, and thought Nina Hagen was some other local singer opening for Nina Hagen, and remained unsure for quite a while.

I also would not recognize many celebs, especially nowadays (I stopped watching shows like David Letterman’s in the late 1980’s) – for many (most?) recent celebrities, I might remember having read their name somewhere, but have no idea who they are. This week I learned a bit about what Ariana Grande does and what she looks like, but I still have no idea if I’ve ever heard any of her music – I probably have.

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I am the celeb.

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Art Carney of Honeymooners fame, in a restaurant on the Connecticut shore, I think it was Essex, CT.
It was Summer 1968, I don’t remember the name of the restaurant. Didn’t figure it out until a month later.

Nomore_lockout's avatar El Paso City – Apologies to Mr. Robbins RIP dude

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I literally bumped into Mike Tyson on Newbury Street in Boston and didn’t realize it was him until after.

I was on my lunch break, heading to a coffee shop I liked. Sidewalk was very crowded and I was weaving in between people to get down the block.

I weaved past this tall dude only to slam into this black guy walking with three other people. I got turned around by the impact and said, “Hey, I’m really sorry” while still moving. Then a high pitched voice responded, “That’s okay.” I looked up and saw his face. Then I recognized him.

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“I literally bumped into Mike Tyson on Newbury Street in Boston and didn’t realize it was him until after.”

That’s awthome! ;-)

“I weaved past this tall dude….”

Would you believe that dude was Bill Russell or Kevin McHale? ;-o

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I have knowingly met a lot of celebs, but I didn’t recognize Faye Dunaway when we shared an elevator at a hospital in Las Vegas in 1983. I saw how beautiful she was, but it didn’t click until the next week when I saw in the paper that her boyfriend was in the same hospital.

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jOh, forgot to include Vida Blue, who I loved when he pitched for the A’s.
He sat next to me at a woman’s softball game. He was pissing me off by spitting sunflower seeds near my shoes. After the game, a friend mentioned to me that it was the second time he saw Vida at one of his wife’s games. I was shocked, and asked where he was. “Sitting next to you!” he said. I then walked up to him with my daughter, and shook his hand.

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60 or so years ago John Wayne at his son Patrick’sbaseball game at Loyola University.

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Yes, a few times.

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