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Did fluther forget to close a tag?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) September 13th, 2008

I got this one just now.

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What? I don’t get the question. The sidebar looks fine to me.

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It’s all in italics.

yeah, I’m bored

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I saw that, too, and wondered what the dillio.

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Removed by damien

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oooh I was wondering the same thing! It doesn’t happen on all pages.

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It happens here.

I had a quip removed by moderators there. Wonder if there’s a link between removing quips and the italicized text in the sidebar?

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@ rob – i just tested that theory. it doesn’t seem to be related to removing quips.

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Yesterday all the text on the homepage was size 8 font for about 5 minutes!

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another thread that seems to have the italics thing going. do we see any similarities btw the 2 threads?

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Look at this one, all the text is little!

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@mukaki – weird !!

i left a message for the admins and hopefully they will be able to explain what’s going on.

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Probably something to do with the user-applied styling.

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Twilight Zone theme

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I think i found the problem! If the link to the “Older” thread under the discussion is cut in the middle of an italic part, it cuts it without closing the <em> tag.
Look at this code:

<div class=“older”>Older »<br/></div>
<a href=”/disc/22812/whats-the-logic-if-any-behind-throwing-a-hurricane-party/”>What’s the <em>“logic,”</em> if any, behind throwing a <em>“Hurricane… </a>

the <em> tag just before hurricane isn’t closed, making the rest of the page in italics.

this pic demonstrates what i mean.

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Thanks for the bug report, everyone. We heard you, and we fixed it.

@wilhel1812 – You nailed it. We were truncating the question subject in the Older/Newer section, but leaving the possibility for an open tag. It wasn’t being properly stripped.

Now that it’s fixed you’ll all have to get your laughs by finding some of our other, numerous bugs.

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Thanks ben!

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