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Can you tell me/us one fact of the Kennedy (broader) family?

Asked by rebbel (33462points) 1 month ago

This is the family of the assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

One fact please, per person (not per reply, but per person).

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I met Kathleen Kennedy, Robert’s daughter, when I was in college. She had been the roommate in private school of someone in my dorm.

I believe one of that generation is an anti-vaxxer – Robert Kennedy III, maybe?

(Not sure if I broke your rule – did you want only the nice people to answer?)

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His son John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in a plane crash with his wife and sister-in-law. All three had their cremated remains buried at sea.

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A Kennedy was married to and divorced from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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JFK had a younger sister who was lobotomized. Joe was afraid she’d embarrasse the family with her free spirited ways.

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JFK’s first sailboat was a Wianno Senior, it was built at Crosby Yacht Yards on Cape Cod.

It looked like this !

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JFK was a time traveller who was vaccinated against Covid.
Judging by how magnetic his head turned out to be.

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Kennedy’s sister Jean provides the only evidence (in a letter to Marilyn) that Marilyn was with JFK and his brother both. Even Hoover couldn’t find and tangible evidence.

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JFK had a three way with Robert Stack and Elizabeth Taylor.

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My dad met Joe Kennedy Jr. a few days before he died. (Joe Jr., not my dad.) Said he was a very nice young man.

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