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Can I get some help with computer speakers?

Asked by Caravanfan (10701points) 5 days ago

Hi y’all
I have a crappy pair of old computer speakers with a subwoofer that I would like to replace. I would like some new computer speakers that have good sound for music and movies. I do not do any gaming.

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I route my PC audio through my HiFi system.

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I use a recording interface with a set of matching reference monitors. Never going back to anything else. For the money this is the way to go.

You can also just get the monitors but the interface gives you a lot of flexibility. I really like listening to music through these, they have a flat EQ so the music sounds like it’s supposed to and not artificially “sexed up” by scooping the mids and boosting the lows and highs.

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If you want to spend $800 !

Knock you off your chair.

SVS 2.1 !

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What do you listen to on your PC? That might help us to answer your question.

I have my sound turned off.

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@kritiper I mentioned it in my OP. Movies and music.
@ragingloli I have that too. This is more for when I’m fucking around on the computer and I want to watch or listen to something directly off of it, say a youtube video or something.

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You can get excellent sound with a good set of headphones. I connect mine to my PC through a Dragonfly USB dongle and the sound is superb.

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@Caravanfan I watch movies on my big screen HDTV and have a “Surround-Sound” stereo for my movies and music that is separate from my PC. You should try it!

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What is your spending power.

Entry ~115 +
You can get a great sound from something like a Bose Soundlink

Mid Level is what I use in my office on PC and Turntable ~$200
Polk Soundbar and SubWoofer

Crazy High end $2000
McIntosh RS200 Wireless

A Good source for all audio things over the years is Crutchfield

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What do you all think of using a Bluetooth speaker with a computer? Any problems with losing connection, getting off-sync, etc.?

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Never experienced that on my Mac.
Being I am an audiophile, I side on hardwire when I can.

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@kritiper I do that also. I have a 72 inch screen with 5.1 sound. But there are times I’m upstairs on my computer doing work and I want to have music or a video going on a second screen. That’s what that’s for.

@Forever_Free $200 is fine. I could even go higher. $2000 is too high, obviously.

@RocketGuy Not necessary. The speakers are right next to the computer.

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@Caravanfan I think the audio quality of a soundbar and subwoofer offers great sound for a single room or connection to a Computer.

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Bluetooth will avoid the plugging/unplugging when you move the laptop. It just happens that the best speakers near my desk are in a nice BT unit. I use it when I want music. I have no idea if it would sync with a movie.
When I move my laptop I already have to unplug the power, monitor, and network. Unplugging a speaker set would just add to that.

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@RocketGuy It’s not a laptop. It’s a fixed desktop.

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Then I would go for the reference monitors that @Blackwater_Park suggested. You can place them for good stereo separation. Looks like they have healthy sized speakers too. Soundbars take up too much room. And BT is sometimes finicky, but better than plug/unplug.

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@Blackwater_Park Do you recommend the subwoofer or do the monitors themselves work well enough?

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Thanks everybody!

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Most sets of small speakers are OK but I do recommend buying a pair that require being plugged into the wall for power.

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I don’t need a subwoofer, they’re perfect on their own. You don’t have to have an interface, they’ll plug directly into your computer. The interface will allow you to use a set of balanced TRS cables which really do sound better. Having the interface also gives you the ability to add a condenser mic. I also use these to listen to LPs direct through the second input.

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@Blackwater_Park I’ll have to look at the back of my new PC to see what kind of audio input they have. My old one just has a 2.5mm plug.

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It’ll take that. You just need an RCA cable with the standard PC audio jack on the other end which is usually 3.5mm. I got these when I needed to do the same thing you are doing: upgrade my cheap 20 year old PC speakers in my home office. You won’t be disappointed.

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@Blackwater_Park Thanks! I’ll probably go with that. $100 is pretty cheap all things considered and it will be a significant upgrade from my cheap logitech tinny speakers.

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I still can’t believe these are only $100. They could charge 3x as much and I would have still been happy. Flat EQ is something I discovered way too late in life.

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