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My audio went out on my computer---help?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) January 29th, 2011

I got a new USB speaker for my computer (which has a very awful internal speaker.) I finally got it to work by going into the Control Panel and fiddling with the audio. Unfortunately, now, the internal audio is completely gone. The only way I can get the computer to have sound is through the speaker! :( This is not good when I have to use Audacity to record things. Now, the sound is totally muffled and sounds like I am riding in a car with the windows open when I use Audacity by having the external speaker connected.

When I go into the Control Panel…it now says, “No audio available for this computer” or something like that. So, there is nothing available for me to either check a box or uncheck a box and nothing that I can re-install (or I don’t see anything.) It just says “nothing available”.

Can you tell me how to re-install internal audio to my computer? ( I have Vista). Once again (as I do every time I ask a technical question——which unfortunately is often) I am not very computer literate…so a Step 1, Step 2 format works best.

Thanks in advance!

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I haven’t had an internal speaker in my PC for years, mostly because I get better sound from a set of 99-cent disposable earbuds than I ever did from internal audio. Even when I did have internal speakers, plugging in a set of externals disables them, just as it does on an iPod Touch, either of my last two phones (a Samsung Trance and a Droid X), or my TV. Your internal speaker is supposed to be disabled when you connect external speakers!

As for the sound quality, I am enough of an audiophile that I don’t skimp on my external speakers either. I find that most of them sound “muddy”, and those that are powered by the computer as opposed to having their own power supply are weaker than gas station coffee. I always, ALWAYS try before I buy.

My last three sets have all had powered sub-woofers, since you really can’t get good sound otherwise. Most cheap speakers, especially unpowered ones and those without a subwoofer, only reproduce tones around the same range as the human voice with little/no treble and absolutely absent bass. They sound muffled, muddy, and cannot reproduce many tones that are present in most music.

Even good speakers are not great as-is. My current set of Altec-Lansings came with good treble and wall-shaking bass, but required a bit of equalizer tuning to have a tolerable mid-range from their tiny satellite speakers.

I honestly think that part of your problem is that the system is acting as it should even if it’s not what you expected, and partly your sub-par speakers.

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This sounds like a DLL conflict to me.
Had a similar experience once.

Try re-installing the sound card DLL drivers (download from Windows, or figure out what kind you have from your control panel and go to the website for the manufacturer.. e.g. Dell..and look for device driver downloads).

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You really should (I’m sorry to say) go into the Device Manager and see what’s up with your onboard audio. Not sure why it would stop working if it once did. Did your new speaker come with a driver that you installed? Try uninstalling that. See if you can get back to where you were previously before you go tinkering with other stuff, including updating your drivers. Don’t do that just yet. It will only add another variable.

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i have only the speakers that you buy and plug in. but when they dont work, i find that my son has pushed a mute button on the key board, when i push it back i get sound. im sorry i couldnt be of much help.,

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