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Have you had eperiences in life, where people cover for you when they certainly should NOT be?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7374points) 1 month ago

I guess I have always been lucky in the sense that a lot of people seem to take a liking to me, and cut me slack for stupid behavior. I know it’s not fair to other people, but it is what it is. Don’t really know what to say?

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Just one of many examples, when I was a teen in Explorer Scouts, I swiped a bottle of whiskey from my dad and took it on a camp out. On the way home on the bus, I spilled what was left and it was rolling down the bus aisle. I admitted I had done it, but the Scout Master, who was a friend of my dads, yelled at my friend and tried to blame him. Another guy told him, it wasn’t him, Tim did it! The scout master told the guy to shut up and stop playing Perry Mason. And he covered my ass with my dad, and never told him what happened. I have always seemed to get a break when I didn’t deserve it. But it is what it is I guess.

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Yeah. I got away with stuff cuz I was good looking.

My DIL makes too many excuses for her 14 year old son. If he does something wrong it’s somebody else’s fault. It’s been that way since he was born.
When my grand daughter was 2, she got her head stuck between the bars of the stair railing. (It made for the cutest, funniest video ever! My son filmed it before he rescued her.)
Anyway her older sister told her to do it.
A day later I was sitting outside, next to DILs mom.
Zoey was talking about the incident and said “Onna said to do it!”
DILs mom was nodding her head, ready to put all the blame on the older girl.
To her shock I said “No no no, Zoey. Onna may have suggested it but who actually DID it? You have to make your own decisions no matter what other people may tell you to do.”
DIL’s Mom looked utterly confused. Couldn’t believe I’d hold Zoey responsible for her own actions.

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Me, no. I get shit just because I look like I probably deserve it regardless if it’s true or not. I was never coddled in that way. Facing the consequences of any bad behavior was a given for me. I always got caught and I always get called out for anything I may be slightly in the wrong for.

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When I was 5 I tried working out on my grandpas shower rod. I bent it and my father set it straight. He tried to cover for me. My grandpa was too smart to be fooled.

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Nope. I was always taught to deal with things head on and not look to have anyone including yourself “Cover them”

If you break it, you own it!

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My DIL just texted that 6 year old Cooper was sent home. He got angry with a kid and punched him in the face.
I said “He sounds angry” (and he is. My DIL is a very angry person.)
She said “Only at school.”
In other words, it’s the school’s fault.

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