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Does Joe Biden have Parkinson’s disease?

Asked by TJFKAJ (947points) 1 month ago

People with Parkinson’s have a particular facial expression and a way of walking.
And I think I see those things in him.
What do you think?

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Maybe. He is getting on.

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The people I have seen who have Parkinson’s have a certain amount of uncontrollable hand/arm shaking.

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Maybe he is not a Trump supporter !

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To me, he always looks very weak and frail. Maybe he’s not, but to me he looks like he is.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, after he leaves office, it suddenly is revealed that he either has demential or some disease like Parkinsons.

I voted for him and admit I was a “Never Trumper.” I was always amazed that with millions of people in the Democratic party, Biden was the best we could get.

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There are HIPPA policies that don’t allow us to know.

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@Forever_Free: HIPAA concerns the providers, but nothing prevents a patient from discussing or revealing their diagnosis to anybody they want.

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@jca2 I fully understand HIPPA. But seeing as Joe has not disclosed, we shouldn’t even go there or speculate. I wouldn’t want someone speculating a diagnosis of anything on anyone.

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@Forever_Free: It’s not HIPPA, it’s HIPAA.

As for speculating, I think it’s perfectly ok to speculate about anyone, especially an elected official. I did lots of speculating about Trump’s mental status, as did many other people.

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@jca2 How did that work for you?

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@Forever_Free: There’s no harm in speculating and discussing, as it’s all part of assessing a politician for the next election. A politician’s mental and physical condition is all part of how they’d be able to handle another four years in office, don’t ya think?

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Only his doc knows.

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