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Is there a limit on how much lurve you can get?

Asked by KRD (3283points) November 15th, 2021

Is there a limit to the lurve you can get?

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As long as new members get in, and if they are participating, and spreading lurve, then no, there’s no limits (maybe apart from actual real estate on the page, to write the number next to your name).

rebbel (2.442.600.279.661.890)

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@rebbel what is that number?

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There is a limit to the amount of lurve you can get from any one jelly (about 100).
There is also a limit to the amount of lurve you can get from any answer (25 points).

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Each jelly can only give approximately 100 lurve points to another jelly.

Only the first 5 Great Answer clicks will give you points from jellies who haven’t maxed out on you. I’m unsure about Great Question clicks, but I imagine it’s the same.

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@Hawaii_Jake @filmfann You can still get GAs and GQs from people who are maxed out on you. They just don’t add anything to your total points.

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^I understand that.

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^^ I know you know, was just clarifying for the OP.

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^sorry for the confusion. It should be further clarified that if 5 jellies who’ve maxed out on the jelly all give a Great Answer click, then the Great Answer click from a new jelly who is the sixth click won’t add to the lurve score. I often withhold a GA hoping the jelly will get more points. When I see something has already received 5 clicks, I’ll happily be the sixth.

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I think the number posted by @rebbel is 2,442,600,279,661,890.
I think most of Europe uses periods, instead of commas, to separate numerical groups

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I think any lurve is good lurve.

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Who is on top right now?

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Marinelife is at the pinnacle of our pile.

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